I grew up in Virginia in the 60’s, Jerry. I know exactly what you mean. Only, integration didn’t arrive at our schools until 1968 and then all the black schools, which were newer and better due to “separate but equal”, were shuttered and the African American kids were stuffed into the white schools which were already overcrowded because all the school funds a few years before were spent to construct new black schools to avoid integration! Fortunately, the federal government put a stop to that nonsense two years later and all schools were put into use. Man, did the whites have a fit about their kids going to “colored schools” — schools, remember, that were newer and better than the white schools! I, as a child, realized I was surrounded by stupidity of a frightening level.

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I was always a writer but lived in a bookkeeper’s body before I found Medium and broke free — well, almost. Working to work less and write more.

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