I hate making and receiving phone calls with the exception of maybe 5 people — people I love. Texting and emailing are always my preferred methods of communication.

I admire you, Quasimodo, for making those calls, although I hate every one of those calls (about 15 per day for more than a month) that I receive. I thought I might be able to do the texting version of what you did, but the process was overwhelming to me. My work and that work did not jive. All too damn much.

Yesterday, I took a first-time voter (new citizen since last election) to vote. Helped her through the process. Offered to do the same for others and used Facebook to ease voting worries. The early voting process yesterday was easy and quicker than expected.

Unfortunately, yesterday’s Supreme Court confirmation has destroyed all hope I had. Even if the SOB is voted out, we have a right-wing SC that will chop away all the human rights progress made in my lifetime. The light is dimmer than ever. I am numb with fear and anxiety.

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