I have no answers, Michelle Fyfe, and am asking the same question. I am almost 64 and can’t see a way to retire anytime in the near future. What could have, and perhaps should have, been used as retirement funds were instead used to help elderly parents and my daughter and her children, abandoned by her husband.

I started my own business 21 years ago and work long hours. Even as an employee before that, I worked 50 to 60 hours a week. I never dreamed I would not be able to retire by 65.

The full retirement age for social security keeps getting pushed further away. Expenses increase even though my lifestyle is simple, my needs and wants few. I downsized and minimalized after my daughter and grandchildren moved out but still need to work to survive. My real estate taxes increased $300 in one year without any improvements or changes to my property. I can easily cover the increase while working but if retired, an extra $300 would be a huge burden, requiring me to go without other necessities.

If you receive any viable suggestions and advice, please tag me. Maybe we can figure this out within the Medium community!

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