I hope so! But, our reasons for not going north this year have nothing to do with time or schedules. Here’s why:

1) One Benito’s daughter, who is our long-term house and pet sitter, and our shorter-term sitter here are not available due to their own job issues . With two new dogs, recently uprooted from their 10-year home, I am reluctant to leave them with anyone whom I and they don’t know well; 2.) Benito’s family up north, whom we go to visit including the daughter with whom we stay, are going to Argentina during the only time I can be gone that long; 3.) Benito’s postponed surgery, originally scheduled for last week, will probably be rescheduled around the time (before, during or after) we would be going on vacation.

It sucks. Maybe we can get down to Mount Dora for a few days. All three dogs can go with us there.

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