I just joined the Partners Program, but haven’t received any income stats yet. I work full-time, actually more than full-time, but am testing Medium income to see if I can generate enough here to cut back my work hours.

Our Pekingese, Chanelito, whom we got at 6-months-old when a relative moved, doesn’t acknowledge any of the other pets. As far as he is concerned, he is the only animal in our house!

The two girls were up for adoption last year after spending all of their lives in the same home. Their owners were going to a retirement community and couldn’t take them. Our 16-year-old dog Pooh passed last April and we wanted to adopt an older dog. Instead, we got two!! We adore them.

The blonde cat in the photo is Tango. He was found in a parking lot by a friend and we adopted him from her. He’s 6 years old.

We adopted Sébastien, the tiger, in December 2017. Similar situation. Found abandoned in a parking lot by a friend of a friend. She couldn’t find a home for him. People were concerned because he is cross-eyed. But, he has no problems. His front vision is fine but his side vision is not. But, you’d never know. He does everything Tango can do. He is about 2 years old.

One guinea pig was a rescue and meant to be a pet for my grandson but my daughter hated him. Hence, he became ours. I studied up on guinea pigs and learned they are better in pairs. Found a male on a pet adoption site. His owner was graduating from college and moving to Australia. So, we got piggy number two!

We also live on a lake and have a backyard full of Muscovy ducks, black-bellied whistling ducks and squirrels that we feed daily.

Thankfully, my husband is retired. I’d have a difficult time keeping up with all the critters myself!

I love Canada but have not been in your area, only the eastern section. My last trip there was for a wedding in Niagara. Love that place! Toronto, too.

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