I know that frustration! My grandchildren used to live with me and now spend every weekend with me. We can be leaving to go to a restaurant for dinner or to go grocery shopping and my granddaughter will walk out of the house with no shoes on! When she and her brother lived with me, I often took them to school. Many times one or the other left the house without a backpack or lunch box, and she without shoes on her feet!

I read an article a couple of years ago that theorized that brains are changing, causing short term memory to be lacking. Has to do with the data we have at our fingertips. The upcoming generations won’t need the short term memory that we did. Perhaps that is true for data but not for everyday life. The article suggested ways other than constant reminding to trigger short term memory in children. I tried some with minor success with my grandson and total failure with my granddaughter. However, he is two years older (10) and he is finally beginning to find ways to remind himself. But, he is far from self-sufficient in remembering daily tasks.

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