I mostly use my Samsung Note 8 phone camera because it is always handy and takes decent photos. But, when I plan a photo-taking outing, I bring along my Canon Powershot, which is a 2015 mid-range model. These photos were taken with both. I find my phone takes better close-up and motion photos, but that may be because I know so little about all the dials and gauges on my Canon! My Canon rocks on the landscape shots.

Last year, my husband and I went to a Butterfly Rainforest at the university here and my phone camera outperformed my Canon on shots of butterflies that flit off quickly. The Canon takes too long to focus on close-up shots and the butterflies would be gone before the picture was clear. Again, it may be because I use the basic settings.

I love to take pictures but am not a true photographer. I know too little about cameras to assume that title. What I do have is a good eye, at least, that is what professional photographers tell me, and they say a good eye is more advantageous than all the camera knowledge you can possess.

Anhingas (Snake Birds) are delightful creatures. I love the way they air-dry their wings! In the water, you only see their heads and necks and only for a second. They dive quickly and come to the surface yards away from where they were. I took many a shot of that bird and only got water because he was already submerged!

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