I recently saw such female shaming at work but in a different way. An early-30’s woman works at a client’s office. In our small Southern city, she dresses like a Manhattanite — stylish dresses that showcase her fit body, often shorter than typically seen in professional offices in our area, and stilettos. She enjoys being fashionable and has a flair for it.

She excels at her job and is well-respected for her work. Active in promoting the office, she attends all social events that might bring in new clients. Any seminar or class that can hone her skills is on her calendar, even if attendance means giving up a day off.

She is married to a blue-collar guy who makes way less than she does and spends his free time drinking beer and going fishing with his buddies, often arriving home in the early morning hours, sometimes too hungover to go to work.

She left him recently — finally. They had nothing in common, no joint goals. She worked diligently to improve herself, physically and mentally, and to further her career. He preferred being a good ole boy, hanging out, drinking beer.

Did I mention that SHE left him?

Gave him their house, rented an apartment, and left, knowing that she could create a better life on her own, starting from scratch.

And, yet, someone recently commented that it was not surprising their marriage fell apart because of the way she dresses!!

Yes, this accomplished, intelligent, hard-working woman, who paid for way more than half their living expenses while her husband fished and drank beer, was blamed for the demise of their marriage because of the way she dresses.

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