I researched the flowers — my area is too warm for them to do well. In fact, most bulbs don’t fare well here. But, I used to live up north and don’t recall them at all.

My reading informed me that they have great popularity in Europe and Western Europe but are not as common in the USA, although do grow in the colder portions of the country.

When I lived in colder climates in the US, it was the forsythia bush that signaled spring for me. The forsythia blooms were the first of the season, appearing long before the weather warmed. They also don’t grow in Florida. They need a longer dormant period. I do miss them, though!

Now, in my yard here in North Central Florida, this native azalea is one of the first to bloom:

Image for post
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I took this photo yesterday but the plant has been blossoming for several weeks due to an extremely warm January.

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