I truly enjoy my time on Medium, and I spend nearly all my media time here. I give the Medium community a 10. The writers and contributions here are nothing less than outstanding. I am awestruck each day by something I read here. The only complaint I have is that I have to dig to find posts by my favorite writers. I wish we could privately choose our favorite 10 or 20 or 30 of the people we follow so their posts show up separately on our feeds making them easy to find. I do not have the time to dig around looking for whom or for what I want to read. Medium, please help me find my faves! And, because of that one annoyance, I rate my overall experience as an 8.5.

I became a paying member because I want to support this platform and see it succeed. I was ready to swear off all social media when I discovered Medium. Medium helped me dig my way out of a deep post-election depression. It helped me find my long-lost voice. All of you welcomed, encouraged, and inspired me. Medium is still the oasis in a literary media desert.

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I was always a writer but lived in a bookkeeper’s body before I found Medium and broke free — well, almost. Working to work less and write more.

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