If our citizens are not getting the help they need, the blame goes to Congress, the president, governors, and state legislators, not to me.

I voted for candidates who believe in education, social services, and universal healthcare, not ones who dismantle the programs and agencies that give us the basic support and protections common in all “first world“ (I dislike that term but feel it is better understood than others that apply here), who believe we need to help one another to receive the benefits from one another.

DACA immigrants add value to our country. They are students who will be employees and businesses owners. They will pay taxes and be productive citizens, adding back more than they received by being allowed to stay in a country that is the only home they know. I dare say they will be better and more productive citizens than most who condemn them now. The ones I know personally certainly are. They work and study incessantly and have a greater faith in our country than many native-born Americans. They have an intense desire to prove themselves worthy of the sacrifices of their parents and of the chances granted them through DACA.

I have been bashed in this thread for giving personal examples, but isn’t this all very personal? It is deeply personal to those who are struggling to prove themselves and to become American citizens. It is deeply personal to those of us who know and appreciate these dedicated people.

People like my friend Y who is studying for her MBA while working a job at her college, as well as house, pet and baby sitting and house cleaning. She hasn’t had time off in years. She keeps her eye on the goal and moves steadily forward.

Or, G who recently graduated with his PhD in computer science, started a cyber-security company, and is already in negotiations with international computer corporations because his product is so innovative and desperately needed.

I could mention more but know I will be vilified for making this personal, for talking about real people in real situations, for saying that compassion and empathy is what makes us better people and better citizens. So, I end here. You and others like you don’t want to hear about the those who may not be legal Americans but who act more American than you do, who believe in America in a way we have forgotten, if we ever knew. The way our immigrant forefathers knew.

I was always a writer but lived in a bookkeeper’s body before I found Medium and broke free — well, almost. Working to work less and write more.

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