If we get up later than usual in the morning, our piggies, particularly Jolly, raise holy hell! They want breakfast on time, every day, no matter what. At night we have what we call piggy time and we let each piggy out, separately. I play with and feed tidbits to the freed piggy while my husband cleans that one’s cage. Then, the next comes out. As in the morning, they do not like delays in piggy time! Jolly will impatiently gnaw on his cage while Mauricio stands on his hind legs bouncing up and down.

They are in separate cages because they fight if together. Their cages touch and they interact between the bars quite nicely, but let them out together and they start chattering and fighting. Before we separated them permanently, my husband tried to break up a fight using his hand, in spite of me telling him to never do that. He didn’t believe they were capable of hurting him but learned the hard way when the bite he received on his thumb became infected during the night in spite of several cleanings and antibiotic cream. His thumb swelled to twice its size and was throbbing. Off to the emergency room we went. He told the ER nurses that he was attacked by a pack of pit bulls! The next day the county health department called and asked us a long list of question about the guilty piggy (Mauricio) — questions meant for dogs, not guinea pigs. The county health nurse and I laughed through the whole interview! But, now Mauricio has a record as a possibly dangerous animal!

I was always a writer but lived in a bookkeeper’s body before I found Medium and broke free — well, almost. Working to work less and write more.

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