If you want to risk getting sick, go ahead, but if your actions or nonactions, risk infecting and possibly killing others, you don’t have that right. One person can infect dozens of people, some of whom will surely die.

Reopening businesses before the virus is understood and controlled leaves the workers exposed. If they refuse to return to work, they lose unemployment benefits. Because someone thinks they have an inalienable right to eat ham and eggs at a diner for breakfast, the cooks and servers, as well as other patrons, risk infection. At least, the patrons, made the choice to be there. The employees' “choice” was to return to work or lose their benefits and jobs. That’s not a choice. The ham-and-eggs eater’s choice should not endanger others.

States which open public businesses, such as restaurants, should require masks and the washing of hands upon arrival and upon leaving, as well as limit people inside at one time and the gathering of groups. Opening businesses needs to be a gradual, controlled action.

Exposing yourself to a deadly virus because you believe you have the right to makes that choice is no different than someone saying they have the right to drive 100 mph. If driving 100 mph only risked the driver’s life, then, fine. But, it risks the lives of others, which supersedes your right to choose how fast to drive.

Abortion only affects the woman receiving one and the embryo she hosts. Do I like abortion? Absolutely not! But, I believe it’s a choice for the woman making the decision, not for me, and certainly not for legislatures.

When you live in a society and are part of a culture, behavior is regulated in and by that society. Rights have a defined field. It’s called civilization.

If you don’t like to be regulated at all, go off the grid, live on a mountain top or in the desert, far away from other humans. Problem solved.

I was always a writer but lived in a bookkeeper’s body before I found Medium and broke free — well, almost. Working to work less and write more.

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