In years passed, when I was making a half-hearted attempt at Christianity, I attended a very conservative Southern Baptist church in a small Southern town where babies were weaned on fried chicken and every man drove a pickup with a shotgun in the back window and spent their annual vacations hunting. I was, and still am, a vegetarian, and I was ridiculed by my fellow church goers. At a church dinner, the church’s pastor was sitting at my table as I was defending my dietary choices to others at the table. I brought up several of the same arguments that you laid out here only to be heckled. To my shock, our very conservative and very well educated minister, when questioned by me about vegetarianism and Christianity, admitted that I was correct. He agreed that more was said in the Bible to defend my diet than dismiss it. He agreed that this human body, supposedly created by some sort of supreme being, was not made to consume meat. And, after agreeing with me and leaving others at the table speechless, he said that even so, humans have the right to be unhealthy if they want to. Therefore, humans eating meat, although not intended by God, is blessed by God. Huh?? Talk about cherry-picking your beliefs. God made us to be vegetarian but if we are stupid enough to choose an unhealthy diet of meat that was never intended for us, he’s not only okay with it but blesses it. Damn, I wish that same fuzzy logic was used to allow Baptists to drink alcohol!

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