It’s 11:05 pm, after an 11-hour workday. I should be asleep dreaming that I don’t have to get up tomorrow and do the same. But, what is this tired old lady doing? Reading your hysterical twaddle, Mark, and laughing her tired ass off. Damn, it’s still there! But, laughing, nonetheless.

And, trying to do it quietly so as not to wake up the Captain. Oh, wait, his hearing sucks. I can laugh as loud as I want!

Geez, the cats aren’t liking it — giving me the stink eye. And, one of the dogs just growled. Or, is she dreaming? Dang it, laughing at 11 pm is so frigging complicated.

Now I’m really tired.

This is the funniest piece you’ve ever written, Mark, or I wouldn’t be laying here in bed at 11:13 pm with eyes wet from laugh-tears wondering why the heck I’m not asleep!

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