I’ve never thought of Clinton as a feminist — she may have started out that way but she became one of the good ole boys. And, her comment in that interview was disgusting. Of course, Bill’s little side thing with Lewinsky was an abuse of power, as well as sexist.

The feminist movement and all the various groups within it are extremely white. But, my question is why? Are women of color excluded or not as involved? I am not physically active in any of those groups, though I give financial support, so I am curious as to who shows up for meetings and recruitment activities, etc. What is your take on this, Marley K.? For example, I know several African American women who showed interest in joining the local caravan that traveled to the women’s march on Washington but couldn’t afford it or couldn’t get away from work or had childcare issues. Same with Hispanic women. One told me that only white women could afford the luxury of leaving work, if they worked, paying for childcare and traveling a long distance to a march. She pointed out that most Hispanic women she knew had a Monday through Friday job and another one on Saturdays. FYI, I did not attend either because I work 50+hours a week and was helping to raise my grandchildren.

I look around at the women involved in local organizations and most are white, upper middle class or above, with strong support systems or the money to pay for help they need, many do not work or only work part time. They have the opportunity and means to be involved. Is the whiteness of these groups a sign of racism or classism or economic disparities? When women of color of similar social classes and economic groups become involved, are they excluded and ignored?

I’ve actually wondered about this many times.

I was always a writer but lived in a bookkeeper’s body before I found Medium and broke free — well, almost. Working to work less and write more.

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