Jack, I am joining this conversation late, having just found Michael’s post, and, once again, your dark side horrifies me 😳 I have two guinea pigs, unplanned rescues to be pets for the grands that became ours. They are loving and precious, adored by us and our cats (yes, the cats and piggies are friendly but only in our presence).

As for the adorable creatures being a dinner offering in South America, Ben will tell you Argentinians are too civilized and refined to dine on rodents or the pets of small children. He doesn’t speak as kindly about his fellow citizens of that region. And, admittedly, we keep a close eye on my daughter’s Peruvian husband who has, I am ashamed to say, partaken of a distant cousin or two of Jolly Polly Stone and Munchkin Marshmallow Merengue, aka Mauricio.

Michael, the fact that you had guinea pigs as pets, not groceries, tells me you are a gentle and loving soul 💖

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