Jack, I think Floridians are very attuned to the weather because it changes so quickly. Living on a tropical peninsula has its challenges. Unlike those more inland, we can’t watch a weather system slowly trudge across the country towards us. Our weather systems are often born, mature, and arrive within hours. And, it’s not unusual for us to have one system approach from the east while another comes from the west.

However, as a fellow weather nerd with Clay (When storms are brewing anywhere, I can watch the weather channel for hours!), I have to say my meteorological interest started as a child living on a river off the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia. My father had a boat repair/construction business and the weather was important to him, as well as all the other watermen(people?) on our river.

Long before 24/7 weather reports and with only one reliable radio station, we had three different barometers on an inside wall and several other gauges outside. At a young age, I learned to read them, as well as the sky, moon, and clouds and the feel in the air.

Because most of our neighbors had the same and we all could read the weather from sight and instruments, I thought, until I moved to Maine, that everyone was like us. I didn’t know that I was a weather nerd! Unfortunately, my experience did not prepare me for forecasting snow in New England!

But, once I moved to Florida, my forecast skills came in handy and I impress people often with my accuracy.

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