January 2, 2017 — North Central Florida

The day was confused — one moment sunny, one moment cloudy, threatening rain, flooding the earth with sun. However, one thing was constant, the unseasonably warm temperature of 85 degrees. The college students arriving back in town from holidays up north must be delighted. But, the weather made little difference to me since my day was spent locked indoors working. At least, it was a productive day.

When work was through, my husband and I went out to dinner — nothing special, but it at least it saved either of us from cooking. It was dark by the time we arrived home. I tried to photograph the moon sliver and Venus that were peaking in and out of fast-moving clouds, but the pictures were too dark, too unclear. In the house, I opened windows to let in fresh air. The night will be warm enough for the windows to remain open. We can sleep to night sounds and dream that winter weather will not reach us here in Florida.

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