Jessica, this poem truly resonates with me. I happen to love dandelions and many other “weeds” that others despise. I also have a fondness for crows and blue jays — both of which are typically considered nuisance birds.

Just look in the eyes of a child who
Loves you, they know your worth,

For 6 years, my daughter and her two young children lived with us. My daughter had varying shifts and days at work, leaving me to co-parent while working 55 to 60 hours a week myself. I was juggling so much and often felt overwhelmed and saw myself as a failure — never doing enough, always falling behind.

When I was down and depressed, my husband would say to look in the eyes of our grandson and granddaughter and I would know my true worth because they adored me even on the days when I failed in one way or another or thought I had failed.

Remember, you are never a failure to them or to me, he said.

Thank you for sharing your lovely work here on Weeds & Wildflowers, Jessica

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