John, your article appeared in perfect time for me. I am doing a 103 Day Creativity Challenge posted by Lindsay Linegar. That challenge led Lindsay to create a new Medium publication called Creative People.

The challenge has been a learning experience for me, a way to figure out how I can carve time from my busy work schedule and personal life to devote to daily creativity. It also helped me to broaden my view of when and where I can create. Doesn’t have to be at my home desk or some inspirational setting. I’ve learned to be creative while waiting for my order at a restaurant, sitting in a waiting room, stuck in traffic, or on break at my work — work that is logical, not creative. The only perfect place to create is the place you are now, when an idea strikes. Perhaps your creativity in that moment may be limited by time to only a quickly jotted note to jog memory cells later but that little memo may be the first step of an awesome creation!

Thanks for this inspirational post. Oh, and your cartoons gave my husband and me some good morning chuckles!

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