Keith, the checkout line one is hysterical! We’ve all been behind that woman. In my small city, bus loads of retirees from three retirement homes come to grocery store near where I work on Thursdays. The bus arrives around 10 am and leaves around 12:30. Should a working woman like me forget the day of the week and run to the store to buy something for lunch on a Thursday, that woman and her clones are in every checkout lane!

With that said, they are elderly so I give them some allowances. However, I cannot understand why anyone under the age of 70 doesn’t realize that a credit card or debit card can be swiped as soon as the transaction begins. People, there is no reason to wait until all items are swiped and the cashier verbally confirms the total!! Why do so many people wait until the cashier says, “That will be $69.98, please” before they even start looking for their card? WHY??

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