Marissa, there are no words to express how much I love this piece. As a frequent visitor to NYC, the location of your story was what first caught my eye — add the West Village and I was in for the whole read.

Your story was inspirational and interesting. What an adventure you had! Though your restaurant closed, you accomplished the birth of a dream. Few can say that.

Your warnings about the city are so true. The flavor of NYC is not the same. What was once spicy and eclectic is now bland and overpriced. City officials need to get a handle on the many problems before NYC is no longer NYC. A place that once excited and inspired me is now mostly exhausting and annoying. I still visit but my stays are shorter.

Sadly, I never came across your restaurant. I wish I had.

May you continue on your food journey. Your passion will lead you to your next destination. Buen viaje!!

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