Mateo, there were many winds that led to the perfect storm last November. The Democrats were divided. Many Bernie supporters, like me, were reluctant to back Hillary — although, I did. Those who did not rally behind her, voted for the Green or whatever candidates or didn’t vote at all. Truth is, liberal-leaning Americans believed Hillary would win no matter what, so many stayed home and made popcorn, thinking their votes weren’t needed.

Complacency was a big part of it. Also, disbelief that anyone as comically outrageous as Trump could win. He’s a clown, a buffoon, a narcissist that has no class and no chance of winning our country’s highest seat. People surely see him for the racist he is. Only the uneducated and ignorant will vote for him. That is what most of us thought.

I got scared when he received the GOP nomination. The fact that he got that far was terrifying. I had a gut feeling the worse was yet to come. I was also terrified by the conservatives I know, people who are not ignorant or uneducated, who began to submit to the cry that all Republicans must vote for Trump no matter how much they disapproved of and disliked him. I watched decent conservatives put aside reason and civility just to defeat Clinton.

We liberals and moderates accepted that manners and polite behavior would always win out over the haters and screamers. It didn’t and it doesn’t. There is a new set of rules — or no rules — that leaves me and many others baffled. What the hell is going on? What the fuck is wrong with people?

Most of the educated, intelligent people I know who voted for him regret they did. Those who don’t are die-hard Christians who are blind to the fact that there is absolutely nothing Christian about Trump. Some are still trying to shore up the dam. But, the hole is there and all the crap and piss that settles at the bottom of American society and all the turds that float to the top to take seats in Congress and work at Fox are leaking through. We are drowning in shit and no one seems to know how to plug the hole.

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