My 68-year-old neighbor had many of the virus symptoms a couple of weeks ago but her fever was “only” 101. On a phone call, her doctor said he did not have tests and didn’t know of a single local doctor’s office or clinic that did. (Note: we have a college of medicine here and two LARGE hospitals — our city is over-flowing with doctors and clinics.) He said the only place that did have tests was the largest hospital and to be tested there she needed a fever over 102 and difficulty breathing.

My neighbor lives alone. For ten days she lived in terror. At night, she had exhausting night sweats but never did her fever go over 101.8. Her breathing was shallow and strained but not labored. She could breathe but with effort.

Her daughter couldn’t visit; I couldn’t visit. Fortunately, she recovered.

Hoping that you and your family stay safe, Shaunta.

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