My daughter is Honduran. I adopted her as a teenager. My husband is Argentinian. Many of our friends, including friends of my grandchildren, are Hispanic, some documented, some not. We also have friends who are immigrants from China, Taiwan, Japan, Arab Emirates, and Germany. Conversations about immigration and all associated subjects are common in our household. We know several young people, my pet sitter included, who were protected by DACA.

We have friends who are homosexual and transgender. We, including grandkids, participate in the Gay Pride parade every year and attend other Gay Pride events. Last year we walked in the parade with a transgender support group. My grandchildren made friends with transgender kids in that group.

My grandchildren grew up being aware of political issues surrounding immigrants, homosexuality, and gender identification. We don’t push these discussions on the children, but they have, since very young ages, participated willing in adult conversations. Both have verbal skills years above their ages. They ask questions and we answer.

Considering they attend a parochial school, they often receive mixed messages (and their father, whom they rarely see, is a homophobe). These different messages lead to many questions and lengthy discussions.

They ask big questions and we provide big answers. It’s who we are ☺

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