My father did many things in this lifetime. When I was very young and we lived in Maryland, he built houses and owned a lumber company (sort of a small version of the home improvement stores we have now like Home Depot and Lowe’s here in the U.S — don’t know if they are in Europe). Then, we moved to Virginia where he started a boat building/repair business. After I moved to Maine to live with my stepmom (my dad and I had lots of problems) when I was 16, he sold our house and his business and moved to a small piece of land on a river where he crabbed for a living.

He tired of that, as he always tired of everything, and sold again, bought a sailboat and was planning to sail to South America but stopped in Florida for Christmas and stayed. That is when he bought a rig and hauled mobile homes around Florida and nearby states. That was really hard work and he was getting older, so he quit that and bought a bigger rig and went to work for the Mayflower moving company. At first he moved personal furniture for people who were relocating, then he switched to commercial jobs. That is when he did the cross country trips. I believe he went to every state before he retired.

I imagine driving across multiple countries in Europe, Africa, etc is difficult with different languages, cultures, laws, etc. My father complained enough about all the different regulations from state to state here!

So, that was a long answer to your question about whether he traveled a lot when I was a kid. No, he did not. My mom died when I was an infant. He married a year later and they split when I was four. So, he needed to be both father and mother to me and my sisters. He wasn’t great at either, but we always were physically cared for, always had food, clothes, education, etc. We were better off financially than most in our rural area of Virginia but he was a difficult man to live with. Not a very loving type of guy. Leaned heavily towards narcissism.

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