My favorite read of the day — so far. Who knows what the future holds?

And, I’ll take the bait:

Things that Fucking Annoy Me

  1. “Whatever” — don’t say “whatever” ever to me. What does it mean? It means nothing. It’s just attitude. And, while on the subject of attitude — don’t ever say ‘tude to me either.
  2. People who can’t write a complete sentence. We all use abbreviations and shortcuts, but, really, can’t you express yourself in full words? When did this become an uncommon talent rather than normal and habitual?
  3. People who can’t wait 15 seconds for me, or someone else, to pull out of a parking space in a parking lot but prefer to veer dangerously around the butt of my car, outside my field of vision, risking an accident — for what? WHAT?
  4. Fireworks used anywhere but in a designated public arena with professionals doing the detonating of said pyrotechnics, and that includes all the other noisemakers that are sold to the general public and which should not be sold to the general public and anyone who buys and uses said firecrackers, Roman candles, bottle rockets, and any other noisemakers.
  5. People who don’t pick up their dog’s poop. I have dogs. I walk dogs. I pick up poop, so can you.
  6. People who do not RSVP for a party or dinner and show up anyway. People who do RSVP that they will attend a party or dinner and don’t show up — particularly, those who don’t call or text or email that some unforeseen emergency/problem/illness has occurred preventing them from attending. And, those who RSVP and show up 30, 60, 90 minutes late — the world and my party/dinner does not revolve around you.
  7. People who have money — maybe not a lot, but enough — and are cheap. Being a tightwad is not a virtue.
  8. Rude smokers. I grew up in a time when nearly everyone smoked. I get it that smoking is a difficult habit to break. I accept, although I don’t understand, that you may not want to stop smoking. But, your smoking should not — ever — interfere with my breathing. I aim this particularly, at this moment, to the couple at our community pool yesterday — although, I am sure they will never read this. The posted rules for the pool clearly say — NO SMOKING. Can you not read? My grandchildren and I were enjoying a beautiful Saturday swim when you decided to expose us to the cancer-causing agents that you suck into your lungs. You ignored my request for consideration of our well-being and adherence to the pool regulations. You and others like you are a menace to civilization — not because you smoke (that is your business) but because you force others to smoke with you.
  9. Everyone and anyone in the Trump Administration and everyone and anyone who thought he would make a good president.

I am sure my list is shorter than it could be, but we all have a finite amount of time to write and read.

Thanks for the inspiration, Erika Sauter!

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I was always a writer but lived in a bookkeeper’s body before I found Medium and broke free — well, almost. Working to work less and write more.

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