My grandchildren, who moved far away in June, were visiting for two weeks earlier in December. Before moving, they would spend Friday evenings through Sunday mornings at our house. After nearly six months of them being gone, I’d forgotten how extroverted, enthusiastic, and exuberant they are! Those two — a boy 11 and a girl 9 — are talkers, serious talkers. Impossible to mistake them for introverts. Of course, I loved every second of their visit, but the almost non-stop sound was exhausting!

The introvert side of me has mostly to do with noise, especially chaotic sound. Too many different sounds running over and around each other puts my nerves on edge.

Times like right now — writing at my desk in our guest room — are when I get my quiet and solitude at home. Usually, it’s enough to keep me sane.

I enjoy your posts, Crystal. Always an interesting topic well-presented. Look forward to reading more.

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