My husband and I take Amtrak from Florida to New Jersey every year. He dislikes flying and I dislike airports and airport hassles so the train was the best alternative. There are some inconveniences on the train but nothing as bad as what happens these days in airports and on planes.

I adore having 21 hours of FREE TIME. No one asking me to do anything! I read. I write. I look at passing scenery. I talk to other passengers. So much better than scurrying for flights in mile-long airports, standing in long lines for tickets and boarding or being wedged in a seat made for a 110 pound model or dealing with stressed out airline employees and passengers. Haven’t ever seen someone hauled off a train bloody and bruised because he wouldn’t give up his seat.

Seats on Amtrak are surprisingly comfortable although still a challenge for sleeping. This fall, for the first time, we will have a sleeper. Excited for that new experience.

Every night there seems to be another horror story about airline travel. I will gladly take the train.

We must fight to keep train travel alive in America!

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