My mornings are nearly sacrosanct, Tasneem. First, I walk our 2 dogs — preferably 2 miles but weather and the health of we three old ladies sometimes shortens the distance, but I always aim for no less than 1.25 miles.

While we are walking, Captain Argentina prepares breakfast which we are fortunate to have on our back porch nearly every day of the year.

He puts out cracked corn for the ducks on our lake. They eat at the end of our path at the lake’s edge or a few may venture to the corner of our patio. He also scatters peanuts on the patio for our friendly squirrels and a few crows.

Joining us on the screened porch are our 2 dogs and 2 cats. They enjoy the live show of wildlife in front of them!

After our breakfast, the dogs are fed and our daily work begins — Ben at home (retired) and mine at the offices of various clients.

When I’m not too rushed to get to work, I steal 15 to 30 minutes of Medium reading and commenting time and publish waiting pieces for Weeds & Wildflowers.

I detest feeling rushed in the morning! Your photo is an excellent reminder that mornings should be peaceful. Thank you.

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