My neighbor taught English in Abu Dhabi for three years! She has traveled the world but said her experience there was the most fulfilling of any.

I cannot imagine life in a desert! Living in Atlanta for six years was challenging enough. Even though the Atlantic wasn’t that far away, life was too hectic to even take a weekend trip to the beach. I craved being near the water during that time, only finding solace when I visited family in Florida or on the coast of Virginia.

Most of my life I’ve been a beach bum or wanted to be one. Now, in my later years, I find lakes more interesting and inspiring. A different level of energy — one that soothes rather than excites. Lakes allow me to notice and appreciate what inhabits and surrounds them. I am learning more about what is sustained by water than the water itself. The ducks and shore birds, the turtles and alligators, the reeds and rushes. Lakes inspire me in a way that oceans never did.

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