My only social media platform is Facebook — well, I have a LinkedIn account that I haven’t accessed in two years. My original Facebook account had 400 “friends” — most of whom were not. A little over two years ago I inactivated it. Only two of those 400 friends noticed I was gone or noticed and cared enough to contact me and find out why.

I opened a new account because of long distance relatives and friends who share photos etc. And, because local events are easy to track on Facebook. However, I now have 40 friends and go on Facebook once a week or less. I get the info I need, see some cute photos, and leave. Facebook now serves me instead of me serving it.

Your story was very meaningful, Megan. I was fortunate not to get sucked into multiple social platforms but I know others who are held hostage by all these apps and forums, leaving them no time to experience real life.

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