My words are not kind; your work is simply great.

I closed my Facebook account last year after realizing that very few of my 300+ friends were really friends or even people I liked very much. I was also a member of more than a dozen groups on FB. All the constant posts were exhausting and very few were worth reading. I also realized I was posting too much myself — especially photos. Does anyone want or need to see all of that? The election was what finally triggered my decision to sign off for good. I retreated from most socializing — online and in real life. It was so freeing!

However, due to my husband’s all-over-the-country kids, he was missing their posts since that FB is their main form of communication. He did not and does not want a FB account but wanted me to have one — ha! Rather than trying to pare down my “friends” and groups on my old account, I just started a new one. I have only 30 friends now! I chose people that I don’t see often, ones that are interesting and have posts worth reading, and ones that use FB regularly. I only belong to 5 groups and I am thinking about paring those down to two! Main thing is we get to see what my husband’s kids post. I also post very little there myself anymore. I am still in retreat mode. Life is better this way!

It was because I closed my original FB account that I discovered Medium. I so much prefer to spend my online time here than on FB!

Well, keep up your writing. You are very talented!

I was always a writer but lived in a bookkeeper’s body before I found Medium and broke free — well, almost. Working to work less and write more.

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