I called you my
Though you weren’t
A friend’s son-
Once cute and sweet
And my favorite little
Boy who called me

You grew to be
A man-
One that was all
I loath
In a man.
You killed animals
For fun-
Like many others
But you hid photos
Of dead deer
Among photos
Of birthday parties
Or Christmas parties
And laughed when
I recoiled in
At the picture of
Among the
Pictures of

You said
Racist things,
Sexist things
Around me,
Knowing I am not
Like that,
Don’t appreciate
Or tolerate
That talk,
That bigotry.
You laughed at my
I defended my beliefs
And you
And you
Mocked me.

Who are you
This man
I don’t know?
Where is the
Sweet boy
Who climbed on my lap,
Who loved my stories,
Who called me

I don’t know you.
I don’t like you.
I am not your aunt
I am not your friend.

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