Erik, no one has a Plan B or, for that matter, a Plan A.

Our government is based on the assumption that our president will be reasonable, a person with basic values. Unfortunately, with a morally bankrupt president like Trump, we’ve learned too late that there is no backup plan. I, and many others, are learning that the president has powers we never realized. Most are shocked that he can simply withdraw from longstanding international agreements or undo all that was accomplished by another president with a simple stroke of a pen or a verbal declaration. It is frightening to discover our president has dictatorial powers. And, even worse is that Congress, one of the safety nets to protect against a power-hungry president, won’t stand up to him. The Democrats don’t have enough votes and very few of the Republicans will confront him because they are making money from Trump’s actions or are just as corrupt and uncaring.

Trump has the power to pardon any of his goon squad who is convicted of crimes and claims he can pardon himself if convicted. You would think that is impossible but there is great debate about whether a sitting president can pardon himself or not. Can you believe that?! It doesn’t even make sense that someone can pardon himself but there is a possibility it can happen.

Surely, many of his “business” and campaign associates will be convicted of crimes but he will pardon all of them. ALL OF THEM. No one can stop him from issuing those pardons.

Also, he has the power to fire Mueller who is investigating him and his trained monkeys. He can fire the man investigating him!!! How asinine is that? Again, how is that possible?

Another atrocity of our government is if a president is impeached and removed from office, his entire administration remains intact with the vice president moving into the position of president! Another mind-boggling law. Pence, his VP, is a reprehensible person, as are all in his cabinet, but they would continue carrying out Trump’s deplorable legacy. Even if Trump is behind bars he will continue to rule through his minions who remain in office! Again, how is that possible?

We don’t have a system like most countries in Europe where all the rats are thrown out at once. We are stuck with them until the next election. And, his followers are threatening civil war if anything happens to Trump. Civil Fucking War! For a degenerate like Trump!

Add the fact that he has stacked the Supreme Court in his favor, his agenda will continue even if he is not elected again, is jailed, or is dead. SC justices rule for life. We are stuck with Trump’s ultra-conservative, racist justices until they die.

A slight hope is major Democratic wins in the next elections for Congress and state offices. That might give the Democrats power to override some of his bills in Congress but they still won’t be able to pass much on their own because he has veto power. He will veto every bill the Democrats present.

Who thought up this system??? We were taught, and blindly believed, that a democracy has enough safeguards in place to protect our nation from a despot, a dictator, a degenerate but it was all a lie — A LIE. Do you know how frightening our situation is?

And, believe me, he figured out all of this before he started his campaign. He is stupid in many ways but extremely cunning in others — the typical mind of a criminal. He knew before he was elected that he could dismantle our government.

People who declare Trump will kill democracy are labeled alarmists and paranoid but IT IS TRUE — THIS WILL VERY LIKELY BE THE END OF DEMOCRACY IN AMERICA.

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