Not sure what you mean, Jim. I have more creative writing and personal stories bookmarked in Medium than I can ever read!

People bitch about Medium and, other than a few technicalities, mostly concerning what can be accomplished with a phone, I don’t get it. I read so many amazing pieces that are creative and personal and extraordinary. Medium doesn’t keep me from the pieces or the people I want to read.

As a writer, I am astounded by my audience here, even if I haven’t gone viral. People actually read what I write and comment. I have a family here.

I love that I found you and Jack Herlocker and alto and Meg and Tracy Aston and Terijo and Sherry Kappel and Erika Sauter and Harper Thorpe and so many more!

You were one of my first cheerleaders, Jim, and I will forever be grateful for your support. I really don’t give a damn what Medium “supports” or not — I just want to find the works and people I want to follow. And, I do — better than I did 2 years ago when I started here.

I love this place. I love my community here. I love you, Jim, and so many others! And, I appreciate each and every one of you.

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