Oddly, Suzanna, the judge actually assigned to her case for full custody was a man who always imposes 50/50 custody unless there are police records of physical abuse. Fortunately, the day before my daughter’s hearing, the judge’s daughter, in a different area of the state, went into premature labor, and he and his wife rushed to be with her. The substitute judge was a woman who is known for understanding the hidden harm narcissists can do. My ex-son-in-law did not appear at the hearing because he refuses to accept the court’s jurisdiction over him. The new judge read all the ridiculous documents he filed with the court and listened to my daughter’s testimony and knew exactly what he was. She granted full custody to my daughter. Although her ex has scheduled visitation, he refuses to see the kids because “no one can tell me when I can see my kids.” He also refuses to pay child support or tell us where he lives. Once or twice each year, he shows up at the kids’ school for their Friday morning assembly. He spends a few minutes with them before the principal makes him leave. He always shows up with his girlfriend and their child. Fortunately, the school is very conscious of the situation.

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