Oh, Erik, you are much more optimistic than I! Thank you for your kind words but I fear America has lost her way. And, I agree about most of the Americans on Medium but there are many hateful Trump trolls, too. Truly vicious people who have caused some wonderful Medium writers to leave this forum. The bullying, which I have also experienced, can be relentless. Not just disagreements and normal conversations with varying opinions but truly despicable comments that don’t stop — you reply and then the troll returns and returns and returns. Seems they don’t have jobs or families or lives. They live to troll all liberals. It can be daunting and exhausting and truly depressing.

On a lighter note, I wish your help with Dutch would be enough but I am hopeless with languages, something I reluctantly accepted after years of studying French and Spanish and still unable to speak either.

The Netherlands has always been a dream trip of mine — particularly to see the Van Gogh museum. My step-daughter and her husband traveled there and had nothing but praise for your country and its people.

Although I may have, I hope you do not give up on us. Knowing there are still people in the world who think we are worth their hope is comforting.

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