Oh, how I get this, Ann. This Scorpio hasn't given up on schedules and calendars, but I am less anchored to them since I'm working fewer hours. And, since I have two days off during the week and work on Saturday, I am often confused as to what day it is.

But, more to the point, I've given up those pains in the ass ,which includes most of Christmas. I used to be the Christmas queen and now I am the Christmas ghost. Nada. Well, except for gifts sent to daughter and grandchildren. I sponsored a plant on the High Line Park in NYC for Ben's gift. Nothing to wrap or unwrap. No decorations, no pain-in-the-ass tree. And, certainly no Christmas cards - god, hard to believe I used to send out almost 100 of those things! Just wrapping gifts to send north was painful - I've always hated wrapping. But, figured I would keep that one pain in the ass for the sake of the kids.

Feliz Navidad, mi amiga!

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