Oh, how sweet you are, Tej! Greetings to your husband and a long-distance hug for the wee one.

We are well. More or less. I’ve had a few health issues — mostly, food/allergy-related — that have been more than challenging but nothing life-threatening. I am getting a little better each day. Definitely moving forward on the road to recovery. Ben, who has several more serious long-term health issues, has been very well of late. We take good care of each other ♥♥

I am semi-retired which has lessened my stress considerably. That alone should speed my recovery.

Other than the work I still do at client offices (about 24 hours a week) and food shopping and necessary doctor appointments, we stay home. Well, except for walking our dog! Our daily walks are part of our health regimen, too. Now that my energy is returning, I hope to add more walking to my daily routine. It would be nice to go out occasionally with my camera and leave the dog at home!

Now that our intense summer heat is waning, I am spending more time in my little garden. In fact, am heading outside in a few moments to do some re-potting and rearranging of in-ground plants for winter. Our winters are fairly mild, but we do have frosts and a least a handful of freezes each year.

Always a pleasure to hear from you!

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