Oh, sweet Hapsari, I am so sorry you are encountering negative people on Medium! We are all pupils and teachers here. Most of us are not professionals. Most of us were amateurs when we started writing on Medium. We should be supportive and encouraging of one another. There is never a good reason for discouraging or demoralizing a fellow writer.

I admire your attitude. I'm sure I would not be as generous as you! That is why I call you the Weeds & Wildflowers cheerleader!

I always look at the spirit and the purpose of a piece. Writing errors and English mishaps can be overcome. Practice, practice. It's the intent of the author and the article that matter. If you heart is in the right place, if your purpose is helpful, the other things don't matter that much. We write and we learn.

Keep writing, keep learning, Hapsari. There is a place for you here ♥

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