Oh, we’ve had gorgeous flowers but the early spring ones are gone, of course. I posted some of those already. Other plants were killed by the freezes and are definitely not coming back so I have several immature replacements that are just taking hold. I took a few other photos of flowers/plants the other day but was not happy with pictures — need to try again when the light is better and I am not feeling so rushed.

I have a small spaces in the front and back of our townhome for my personal gardening — the rest is tended by the HOA. Besides flowers and shrubs, I planted one watermelon plant (bush?) that I don’t expect to do much but purchased it at the urging of my granddaughter, a blackberry bush that produced its first ripe berry last week, a lemon tree — very attractive plant but is slow growing and has no blossoms or fruit, and a few hot pepper plants which I know will produce like crazy, as they always do.

We are having hot days now — at or around 90 degrees — but the nights are still cooling off nicely to the mid to high 60’s. That won’t last long though! Very soon our nights will go into summertime mode and we’ll be lucky if the temp drops below 75!

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