Oh, your piece makes me miss my grandchildren so much! Well, I always do, but I try not to think too specifically about them or the past years we shared when they lived here. The sorrow is in the details.

My granddaughter was (Is? I'm not sure. Feel like I hardly know either of them anymore) much like you described. So spontaneous and joyful! Courageous and curious!

My grandson was more of a thinker, a ponderer. Ah, but he had (Has?) such a natural wit that takes one by surprise. My granddaughter learned visually while he learned by listening and talking.

I miss having kids around. My daughter's best friend, who is also my friend, has three children, and they live within walking distance. But, with the pandemic, I dare not go very near them. Sometimes, the two older ones come to our house riding bikes with mom pushing the little one in a stroller. We stand outside and visit. No touching. Not the same. Nothing is the same.

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