OMG, I love this, Michelle! What a testament to cooking, home,family, and tradition. We take so much for granted, and you just gave great honor and gratitude to a pot.

Although, I never knew her to use a cast iron pot - I don't think they are part of her Argentinian culture - my MIL, who is no longer with us, cooked from scratch. During the time I knew her, she was in a retirement apartment building and had a kitchen half the size of my closet. And, there she cooked the most amazing meals.

So many magnificent meals came from that tiny space. They were created with love and her strong hands. She kneaded dough for pasta and desserts. She chopped and sliced, sauteed and fried and baked. If she were a writer, she could have written a story about her chopping board or her oven or her collection of knives.

Thank you, Michelle, for bringing one of my favorite people to mind. You did justice to all the humble cooks of the world.

Perhaps, you might like to read this piece that I wrote about her:

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