Our affection for inanimate objects is another commonality that you and Deb and the Captain and I have, Jack.

Today, I pulled out the superglue today to repair a crafty birdhouse made of wine bottle corks. It was hanging outside our front door when Ben closed the door too firmly, sending it to the concrete, dislodging half the roof. Repaired now, I shall place it with Mr. & Mrs. Ducky on the wicker shelf — a much safer place than hanging near the front door that sometimes sticks in our Florida humidity.

I also tried to repair a wooded butterfly on a stick that goes in a potted plant. One of his wings came off when I wasn’t very careful relocating the potted plant where he lived. Unfortunately, I wasn’t so lucky with him. The superglue wouldn’t adhere the wing to his little blue body. I don’t know why. I tried another type of glue — again, no luck. Can’t use electrical tape as I did for the duck — too much of an angle at the joint. I will sadly have to let this one go.

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