Phenomenal imagery, Vaishali. The idea of a second autumn is intriguing. Here in Florida, the first part of autumn is almost imperceptible — just a cool tinge every few mornings, fewer weeds crowding out late summer flowers, the sycamores turning a dull rusty color. Not much changes in September.

Then, October issues in mostly cooler mornings with a few days that don’t trigger sweat. The sycamores become a bright rusty color. Maples leaves show shades of pink.

November ushers in a chill that comes and goes. There is the possibility of a frost but it’s unlikely. Maple leaves go red. Summer flowers decline.

December begins as November ends. By the time winter appears on the calendar, we may be wearing sweaters or jackets or maybe, not. But, a frost is likely.

Fall arrives in seconds and thirds and fourths here!

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