Photography only with some adjustments for lighting. I promise that if I painted these, no one would know what they are!

I am not very technically-savvy when it comes to cameras and even less so using photo software. I nearly always use one of two settings on my camera and have no idea how to fiddle with aperture and shutter speed. The secret to these colors is the time of day and my position when I take the picture. Well, and the cooperation of the ducks in any photos containing them!!

There is a tiny window of opportunity at the end of the day when the weather/sunlight/sky is just right. When I am able to grab that opportunity, I take dozens of photos very rapidly, more interested in color and light than anything else. I will delete 70% of them.

I also find that the colors are best in the early spring, which is now in my area of Florida, and in the fall, which is late October, November and early December here. Other times of year may have very vibrant colors but less of a variety. For example, summer photos like this tend to be very heavy in blues and greens with fewer other colors.

Thanks for taking the time to comment, Michael.

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