Roy, I get serious about too many things! But, to me, Medium is still the best writing platform out there. I agree with your suggestions — they would all make Medium a better, more creative, and more enjoyable experience.

Now, for the issue of squirrels…My husband and I recently bought a townhome on a lake that is home to many ducks and birds. The areas around the lake are wooded and also home to many squirrels. I took my grandson, 10, and my granddaughter, 8, to Wilds Birds Unlimited to find food for the ducks. We’d never been there before and wandered around looking at all the bird feeders, birdhouses, and garden offerings. A sales clerk joined us, giving us a plethora of information about feeding birds. She gushed about several feeders that are squirrel-proof. “No pesky squirrels can ever reach your bird feed on these feeders. Guaranteed to feed the birds and starve the squirrels.”

My granddaughter was outraged, “Why do you want to starve the squirrels?! They need to eat, too. You people are mean,” she said with great indignation, taking my hand, “Let’s go. Don’t give any of your money to people who hate squirrels!”

The young sales girl was confused and uncertain but remained composed enough to offer us a free sample of their signature bird seed, which we accepted and which is fed to the squirrels every morning. The squirrels and my granddaughter are very pleased.

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