Saying I’m sorry feels so lame but what else do I have to give but sincere sympathy? As the daughter of a mother who died at the age of 39 three months after my birth, I have an idea of what your son will experience as he grows although he may have a few memories I didn’t have the chance to gather.

I didn’t have help dealing with my feelings. My father was not the talky teacher-type dad and could barely deal with the physical needs of three daughters (I have two older sisters), leaving me to theorize that the death of my mother was no big deal.

It wasn’t until depression landed me in therapy in my 40’s that I faced the reality of my loss. That is when I read a book called Motherless Daughters and found myself at various stages of my life within its pages.

Heather, it sounds as if you are handling a extremely difficult situation with as much preparation and love as you possibly can. Issac will need you through many differing stages of grief as the new him at each stage has to re-cope with the loss of his father.

Thank you for sharing this journey with us. May you, Isaac, and all your husband’s loved ones find strength and comfort in one another and the love you shared with Brock.

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